As you prepare for the sacrament of baptism for your child, you are presented with a unique opportunity to reaffirm your own Christian faith. On the strength of your own faith, you are asking the rest of the Church to welcome your child as a new member of this faith community. In doing so, you are making a promise to God, the Catholic Church and your child that you will do your very best to help develop the spiritual potential of your child and guide him/her to grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus and His Church.


Infant baptism is a right and a privilege for Catholic parents who not only love Jesus above all things but are also committed to living out that faith through, with, and in the Church at large.


Baptism is the door and the key to the rest of the sacraments. As such, baptism is also rite of initiation into our faith community and the beginning of a life-long commitment. Being of the community, Baptism is never a private matter but a communal one. Therefore Baptism is done collectively with many parents and babies. The parents can also choose to have their baby Baptized during Mass with the worship community.


It is the parents' sole responsibility to ensure that their child is given every opportunity to become a faithful follower of Jesus within their faith community. The strength and presence of God's love needs to be nourished in the home, by the parents and within the Church community.


Therefore, before we proceed with baptism, the Catholic Community of Our Lady of Assumption requires some indication that you will take seriously the responsibilities found in infant baptism. We need assurance that the spiritual life that God gives your child at baptism will be fully nourished and cared for, by you and this faith community of Our Lady of Assumption Parish.  Parents are making a promise in the Baptism ritual to God that they will bring their babies up in the practice of the faith of the Catholic church.  This involves an active life with their babies in Sunday worship at Mass, the sacraments of the church, the teachings of the churchs - including providing for religious education, and most importantly, as the church teaches us, living and sharing the life of Christ with their children at all times.


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