“Soul Food”    To help foster a spiritual life and the Catholic faith of your child:                 

  • Bless your child each day by tracing the sign of the cross on his or her forehead.
  • As a family, say a thanksgiving blessing before meals.
  • Teach your child the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.
  • Obtain a children’s bible and read a passage with your child before bed.
  • Teach your child the 10 commandments.
  • Establish a prayer practice at bed time.
  • Teach your child Catholic hymns.
  • Purchase a child’s holy water font for their room.
  • Obtain a special pair of rosary beads and introduce your child to the rosary.
  • Obtain an Advent calendar for your child at Christmas.
  • Obtain a small manger and have your child set up the stable.
  • Read children Lenten passages to your child at Easter.
  • Introduce your child to  the Stations of the Cross when age appropriate.
  • Attend the  children’s Mass with your child or one other Mass each Sunday.
  • Take home the bulletin each week for upcoming events and ministries.
  • Remember your child on the anniversary of their baptism. Give your child a pair of rosary beads, a medal, or a child’s bible on their baptism anniversary. It is the most important day of their Christian life.


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